Malware Website Removal

Is your website under a Malware or Virus attack. We can help you to get rid of the malware or other malicious codes. We have helped several websites recover from Malware or bot attacks. We are provides best website malware removal services in Toronto. Malwares resides in your website in different forms including hidden injected codes, pop ups or even executable files.
Website Malware Removal

What should you do in case there is a malware attack on your website?

Malware attack can seriously damage your website reputation both with respect to your Customers and also Google. If possible, take your site down immediately to prevent infecting visitors, and take action quickly to identify/remove it. Contact a known website malware removal company to fix the problem.

Internet site security

 How we remove the malware?

  • We take the backups of your website
  • We scan your current website for malicious codes and SQL injections
  • Remove all the links to malware site
  • Remove the SQL injections
  • If needed, secure website using HTTPS protocol
  • Remove the infected softwares that resides on your site
  • Clean the database if affected
  • Restore the site on test server and upgrade the site to the latest version
  • Change all the passwords and secure the site and server to avoid future attacks
  • Make the site live again and monitor for abnormal activity
  • Hand over the restored website

How to avoid Malware attacks on my website?

  • Make all your passwords are strong and secure
  • Keep updating the passwords and set up strong difficult passwords
  • Make sure your server is patched up to latest version
  • Make sure the software you run to power your website, is of the latest verion
  • Keep regular backups of your websites
  • Use FTP-SSL, if available
  • When accessing the website via explorer or FTP, make sure your PC is clean and running Anti virus program.
  • Scan your site daily, even if you haven’t updated your site.
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