As per Google’s latest update, Google¬†will give preference in search rankings to websites which are more secure. To make this simple, websites using HTTPS encryption by default will have better chance of ranking against websites using http. Earlier HTTPS was necessary if you were an online commerce store, or fetching sensitive information from your users or even doing payment transactions such as banking etc. But now things have changed and you need to secure your website no matter what you do. Moreover redirecting to HTTPS helps you secure your websites from Malware attacks.

change site from http to https

Well, that changes the whole scenario as switching pages from http to https requires a lot of careful analysis and judgement. A small error can block your webpage leading to loss of traffic and revenue. HTTPS can block javascripts, images etc. we need to carefully study and make the switch. The following are the requirements for HTTPS protocol swicth:

  • Purchase a valid SSL Certificate from an Authorized Certificate Authority or this can also be purchased from your hosting service provider
  • You need a static IP
  • Your hosting provider needs to generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
  • The next step is to install and bind the SSL to your site
  • Testing to make sure all the pages are indexing and properly crawled in Google and other search engines
  • Page redirection so that the existing pages indexed are pointed to the new secure pages

If you looking to switch the site from HTTPS to HTTPS propotocal and need help, contact our sales team.

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