Beware Joomla users, there is an exploit discovered for Joomla Virtumart which could handover the control of your website to the hackers. update the patch or if you need support, please call us at 416-273-7206

Alert for Joomla VirtueMart Users!

If you are using Joomla VirtueMart, caution for you! Sucuri Blog has again alerted that there is a critical vulnerability that could be used by a malicious hackers to easily gain Super-Admin access to your website. This means anyone with access to super admin would be able to control your website as well the important database. We encourage all our Customers and Reader to quickly update now and get the patch to avoid any issue.

Any Joomla website using VirtueMart version lower than 2.6.8c and allowing user registration is at risk. The hacker can easily gain access to your website and damage your site or can spam it.

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