Magento Community and Enterprise edition has recently released a series of security patches which are very critical for the safety and security of your website. We highly recommend these patches to be installed at the earliest to avoid any undue disruption to your website. If you need to install Magento Security patches and need help, please contact our team. We have very good experience with installing and updating security patches to all versions of Magento including Magento 1.x, Magento Enterprise and Magento 2.x versions.


Why Security Patches for Magento websites.

Magento from time to time release security patches based on the exploits it find on it’s software. After throughly testing these patches, Magento releases these Magento for it’s users. You can apply these patches via SSH or command prompts. If you have limited experience with Magento programming, contact our team of experienced Magento Developers and we can do this in a breeze.


What are the common Security Patches

All patches that were installed successfully are logged into app/etc/applied.patches.list file. You can just open this file in your favourite text editor to find out all installed patches and changed files. The common Magento patches includes

  • Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12.0.x:
  • Magento Enterprise Edition thru
  • SUPEE-8788
  • SUPEE-4829
  • SUPEE-6285
  • SUPEE-6788

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